Service Process
After customer has made a reservation by phone/online/mobile program, we will deliver the required storage box.
After customer receives the storage box, you can make an appointment within 14 days to pick up the box that has been picked up.
When customer needs it, you can make an appointment to return the storage items, and then send them to the warehouse.
Service Fee
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Furniture Storage Service

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Tight Security System
24-hour video surveillance
Four S Box purchases insurance coverage of up to a maximum of HK$1,000 per box, with insurance coverage to our warehouse as well
Employees access only
The warehouse is equipped with equipment for regulating temperature, humidity and dust.
Complete and reliable fire protection system
User experience
Through our mobile application

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Mini Storage in Hong Kong

Let’s face it, everyone can always benefit from a little more space for storing assorted personal items and belongings. With petite living spaces, coupled with the most expensive property prices in the world, this is especially true for Hongkongers in general. With soaring property prices comes demand for much needed storage space, and mini storage in HK has experienced a relative boom in recent times. However, with mini storage options abound across Hong Kong, why should you choose Four S Box to give you the space you desperately need to store all your belongings?

Flexible Self Storage in Hong Kong

At Four S Box, we understand that everyone has their own specific self storage needs. The items they wish to store may come in different shapes or sizes. Also, if they rented a space or lot that was just a pre-set area and were charged per square foot, it is often the case that it won't be utilised to the fullest. Therefore, we have created flexible options for different needs that help you utilize every inch of your rented space so that you get your money’s worth each and every time!

Door to Door Storage Service

Are you still using an old-fashioned in-person self storage service in Hong Kong where you practically have to do everything yourself? Avoid all the hassle and enjoy a complete peace of mind with our dedicated door-to-door delivery service, where our professional team will handle everything right from packing, to delivery, storage and extraction for you, right when you need it. What’s more, you can enjoy all this convenience at your fingertips, as we take bookings via phone or over the internet. At Four S Box, we have made it our mission to make sure all your personal clutter are always out of sight, but definitely not out of reach.