Legal mini warehouse

Four S Box strives to provide Hong Kong people with professional, high-quality, and reliable storage services. Our professional management team manages your goods appropriately and pays more attention to protecting customers' stores. To create the most appropriate storage environment, we use advanced technology and equipment to control temperature, humidity, and light. Our storage cleaning and pest control regularly to ensure the environment is clean and hygiene.
Public awareness of storage safety has increased due to the storage fire case in 2016. Hong Kong Fire Services Department has issued fire guidelines for storage. The company is strict in the implementation of the relevant fire guidelines, specially hired professional contractors to set up appropriate fire extinguishing equipment, to ensure fire safety in the warehouse bank. Furthermore, the 24/7 real-time CCTV monitor status to eliminate security risks.
Would you like to find a safe, mini storage? Four S Box is your best choice!
Tight Security System
24-hour video surveillance
Four S Box purchases insurance coverage of up to a maximum of HK$1,000 per box, with insurance coverage to our warehouse as well
Employees access only
The warehouse is equipped with equipment for regulating temperature, humidity and dust.
Complete and reliable fire protection system
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